Saguaro Land textile design by Harwood Steiger.

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Major Cities in California

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The botanist Charles Reid Barnes in Tehuacán, Mexico, November 1908.

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Cabins in Barkerville, British Columbia, 1963
Doris Thomas

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Jimmy and his horse Whizzer take a break during filming of THE OKLAHOMA KID, 1939.

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Big Sur, California
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Omaha, Nebraska. November 1938. “Flophouse on lower Douglas Street.” 35mm negative by John Vachon for the Resettlement Administration.

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Hale-Bopp comet from Spencer, Mass.
Photo by Stephen DiRado, April 30, 1997, 9:35 PM.

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A Few Varieties of Desert Cacti. 1940s vintage linen postcard (detail).

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A TRUE GIRL OF THE WEST. Printed postcard by George B. Cornish of Arkansas City, Kansas, 1907.

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